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Farm Bill

46% GHG Reduction
Corn ethanol reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 46% compared to regular gasoline.

$43 Billion Added To GDP
Ethanol contributed more than $43 billion to the Gross Domestic Product and added $23 billion to household income.

31% Fewer Emissions
Since 1980, corn production has seen a 31% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions per bushel.

41% More Energy Efficient
The energy used to produce a bushel of corn has decreased by 41%.

$9.2 Billion Export Value
In 2020, exports of corn to countries like China, Mexico and Canada added $9.2 billion in value to the U.S. economy, positively affecting jobs, gross state product and economic output.

Corn exports have kept 173,286 people employed across the U.S.

18 Farm Bills
The Farm Bill was first passed in 1933 as part of the New Deal. Since that time, Congress has passed 18 farm bills, greatly expanding the legislation’s reach.

12 Titles
The most recent farm bill includes 12 titles ranging from commodities, conservation, trade, nutrition, rural development, research, energy to crop insurance.

Image by Dan Meyers

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