The Virginia Grain Producers Association

Announces the Winners of the 

2014 Virginia Wheat & Barley Yield Contests 


Richmond, VA - The Virginia Grain Producers Association (VGPA) is proud to announce the winners of the Statewide 2014 Virginia Wheat, Hard, Wheat and Barley Yield Contest Winners.


This year's winners come from counties across the Commonwealth and have once again proven that Virginia producers are capable of achieving exceptional yields. Yield contests, such as this, are an important element in our mission to highlight and communicate the accomplishments of Virginia agriculture to our industry partners and to the general public. The top-ranked growers will be given cash prizes donated by the providers of their winning seed, and will be fully recognized with a plaque presented by one of our industry leaders at the Virginia Grains and Soybean Annual Conference next February.  


2014 was the inaugural year for the hard wheat portion of the yield contest. This portion of the contest is sponsored by Mennel Milling to highlight the planting of hard wheat in the Commonwealth; hard wheat is primarily used as a bread wheat. The majority of the wheat grown in Virginia is soft red winter wheat, which is used in bakery products such as flat breads, cakes, pastries and crackers. 


2014 Virginia Wheat Yield Contest Winners


1st Place $700: William L. Andrews, W.L. Andrews Farm, Essex County

112.3 Bu/Acre, AgriMAXX 438 


2nd Place $500: Paul Davis, Davis Produce, New Kent County

109.7 Bu/Acre, USG 3251


3rd Place $300: Ronnie Russell, Corbin Hall Farm, Middlesex County

107.7 Bu/Acre, Pioneer 26R10


4th Place  $200: Katie Crossman Myer, Laurel Spring Farm, Westmoreland County

93.9 Bu/Acre, Pioneer 26R20 



 2014 Virginia Hard Wheat Yield Contest Winners


1st Place $700:  Ray & Vin Davis, New Kent County

84.3 Bu/Acre, Vision 30


2nd Place $500: Donnie Terrell, Terrell Farms, Caroline County

84.0 Bu/Acre, Vision 30


3rd Place $300: Ronnie & Donnie Lewis, Lewis Brothers Farm, Mathews County

79.3 Bu/Acre, Vision 30


4th Place $200: Ralph Sutton, King & Queen County

68.5 Bu/Acre, Vision 30 



2014 Virginia Barley Yield Contest Winner


1st Place $700: Richard T. Sanford, Sanford Farms, Westmoreland County

146.2 Bu/Acre, Atlantic


2nd Place $500: Bryan Taliaferro, Montague Farms, Essex County

114.5 Bu/Acre, Amaze 10 (Hulless) 


3rd Place $300: Kevin Phillips, North Point Farm/Phillips Farms, Augusta County

108.7 Bu/Acre, Amaze 10 (Hulless) 




Many thanks go out to AgriMAXX Wheat Company, The Mennel Milling Company of Virginia, Pioneer, UniSouth Genetics, Virginia Crop Improvement Association, and Virginia Cooperative Extension for sponsoring the Virginia Wheat & Barley Yield Contests.




The Virginia Grain Producers Association (VGPA) is a non-profit, farmer run state commodity association representing the corn and small grain producers of Virginia. The VGPA provides: representation for growers on a variety of issues, advocacy for Virginia grains, producer education, end-user relations, and public outreach.